Power tool use and precautions

Source:Yongkang KEPU Appliance Co., LTD.Release time:2022-10-21

1. Don't abuse power tools, choose the appropriate power tool according to the use and scope, and choose the appropriate design rating of the power tool will make you work more effectively and safely.

2. If the switch of the power tool can't turn on or off the power properly, you can't use the power tool. Power tools that cannot be controlled by a switch are dangerous and must be repaired.

3. Before making any adjustments, replacing accessories or storing the power tool, it must be unplugged from the power source or the battery compartment must be disconnected from the power source. This protective measure will reduce the risk of sudden start-up of the power tool.

4. Always keep cutting tools sharp and clean. Do not use cutting tools with cracks, chipped edges and dulled cutting tools, as this will cause damage to the power tool and personal safety.

5. Use power tools, accessories and tools' cutting tools, etc. in strict accordance with the instruction manual and the special type of power tools you intend to use in a manner that takes into account the operating conditions and the operations to be performed. Using power tools for operations that are not in accordance with the requirements may lead to danger.

6. When connecting power, be sure to pay attention to whether the power supply voltage is the same as the voltage indicated on the tool nameplate. If the voltage of the power supply is higher than the applicable voltage of the tool, it will cause a serious accident to the user and will also damage the tool itself. If you are not sure of the voltage of the power supply, do not plug it in at random, but notify a professional electrician for confirmation.

7. Do not gossip while working, distraction will make you lose control.

8. When operating power tools, use appropriate force. Control the progress appropriately. Too much force or too hard will not improve the efficiency, but will damage the tool and the tool itself.

9. It is strictly forbidden to overload the power tool, or to do operations other than the function of the tool itself, which will cause serious damage to the tool itself.