Reasonable use to extend the life of the machine

Source:Yongkang KEPU Appliance Co., LTD.Release time:2022-10-31

Buy a good power tool, if you want to make your machine life to the longest, we should pay attention to the following in use

1. Angle grinder, electric drill, electric hammer do not apply excessive pressure when using, too much pressure will reduce the speed of the machine, so that the machine is easy to burn.

2. The use of long time is the biggest killer of the machine, you need to rest, the machine also needs to rest. Especially in the summer, if you use for a long time, it is best to replace the use of two machines.

3. Do not stretch the machine's power cord is too long, too long power cord will make the input voltage to the machine affected. Thus reducing the power of the machine.

4. Unstable voltage is easy to burn the internal parts of the machine, please pay attention to the use of regional voltage.

5. Pay attention to the maximum capacity and common capacity of the machine, do not let your machine work for a long time in the case of overload. What kind of work to choose what kind of tools, otherwise your machine may be overwhelmed by the force and strike Oh.